Monday, 2 April 2012

Gobio Gobio

All week I have been working and looking at the sunshine beckoning through the office windows. Dreams of a bobbing float and a lazy weekend at the local canal gudgeon fishing distracted me from my work. Finally, Friday came and I knocked off at 3pm and dashed off to the local tackle shop for some red maggots, hemp and groundbait.
Saturday morning bright and early, sandwiches were made and flask filled and I looked out of the window. Where had the sun gone??? I made my way to the canal and met up with a good friend who was already set up and huddled in his chair complete with hat, scarf and winter coat. A northerly wind was blowing through chilling everything in it's path. To cut a long story short, we sat in the cold and fished for 6 hours solid trying every technique in our armoury, but nothing not a single bite. In desperation, I cried out to the angling gods, Gobio Gobio, wherefore art thou Gobio!

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