Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Current projects

Well, I don't know where to start. I now have four projects on the go and tomorrow I have to take my daughter to town so I will leave her in a shoe shop with Dad's plastic and go off to the tackle shop and the model shop to buy some bits and pieces.

Project 1. My broken ledger rod. 
I have been getting a lot of advice and support from members of the Traditional Fisherman's Forum and I must publicly thank Paul for sending me some blank tapered tips to rebuild my rod. Paul even supplied me with new end rings; what a gent! Thanks Paul.
I need to strip the old rod down, fit the end section, paint it and whip it over with some new thread. Then fit the new end ring which is threaded to take my swing tips. Yeah!!! I know, I'm an old fashioned angler but hey ho. The rest of the rod will then need painting and I will have to work out the correct spacing for the rings and whip them all on. A coat or three of varnish should see the job done. I will post before and after photos for all of my projects. Hopefully you will notice a difference between the two.

Project 2. Loose spigot.
An old rod bought at a car boot sale has a loose spigot. In fact it just falls apart so I will be attempting to refit it. I have again been given some sterling advice from the forum members so I am more confident of success!

Project 3. My old centrepin.
I still haven't started to restore my old wood and brass centrepin reel. I think it is going to be a long winter.

Project 4. 7ft Split cane rod.
I will be leaving this project to last. I want to do a good job with this one and need to practice my whipping skills on the other rods first. Hopefully this rod will be finished before  June 16th ready for it's first outing.

Anyway, I had better go and finish my shopping list and order my threads and varnish.
Back soon!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Redmire Pool phone wars day!

Well, today was the annual phone wars day on the Redmire Pool forum. Every year many hopeful anglers commence ringing the single landline booking number in the hope of securing some time at the hallowed pool. The phone line opens at 10am sharp and keeps going until all of the places are filled. Two stalwart gents, Les and Nick, fuelled by Broome Farm's finest, take it in turns answering the phone and recording the bookings for the lucky few who manage to get through.
Alas, this year was not to be my year. I tried for 5 hours but the sound of the engaged tone was as close as I got. Never mind. There is always next year.

Congratulations to all those who got to speak to Les or Nick, I hope you have an amazing experience at the Mire!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Rubbish rant!!!

Today as part of my bailiff duties I visited some local pools and was so disappointed to find mountains of rubbish. I always take a black bin liner with me on my rounds but I could have filled a dozen today. 

I just don't understand the mentality of "anglers" who leave so much litter in the water and on the bank when they, by definition, are supposed to be nature loving individuals who love and care for the countryside and their surroundings

Friday, 6 January 2012


Winter months can be very frustrating, rivers in flood, high winds and bitter cold can transform a once idyllic setting into a very harsh environment. Winter is certainly a time for the most intrepid of anglers. I have missed my last three attempts at visiting local waters; twice due to the weather but most recently due to my car deciding it would rather stay on the driveway.
I have now turned my attentions to some projects that have been shelved for far too long. I have a lovely little 7ft split cane spinning rod and an old wood and brass centrepin; both in need of refurbishment. I am also very keen to try my hand at making some new floats. I am going to stand in line with the model plane chappies at my local store and pick up some balsa wood at the weekend.
I will keep you posted with my progress.
Good luck to any of you lucky enough to be out on the bankside this weekend.

Reel Pokey

These are lovely little suede leather pokies to keep your reels safe and sound. I bought one today for my centrepin and it fits a treat. The sellers sends them very quickly and delivery is free!

Ebay link

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Salutations from the bankside!

Dear friends, blogging (what a horrible word by the way) is very new to me and I beg you to forgive my inexperience when reading this page. I am sure that over the coming months I will edit and re-edit the layout until I reach a stage of satisfaction or merely an unwilling acceptance that I can do no more.
What I will be attempting to do, is share with you some of my thoughts and experiences as I take my piscatorial journey through 2012! I welcome you all to join me for a chat along the way.